Face Cloud , Large-scale Face Recognition System

FaceCloud is based on the industry-leading core face recognition technology RecoFace, integrated network communications, high-capacity databases, distributed computing and many technologies, rapidly confirm people identity, fulfill diverse face recognition applications in various fields such as Household Affairs, Criminal Investigation, Immigration Management.


1. Flexible system scalability
Based on advanced distributed architecture that supports dynamic expand Face Matching server, supports over hundred million face database.
2. Excellent face comparison performance
Under Millions face database, face comparison accuracy of top 10 reaches 95%; 1: 1 authentication takes less than 200ms from face detection to face recognition, the recognition accuracy is higher than 98 %.
3. High tolerance
Face pose correction function, face tilted down about 25 degrees will not affect recognition results. Support visible light recognition, Varying lighting has a tiny impact on face recognition accuracy. Algorithm has good adaptability, facial expression, beard, glasses, hair, age, basically do not affect the recognition accuracy.
4. Support mobile terminal
System clients can be run on Android or IOS based mobile terminal Functions include real-time face comparison and face capture.

System Structure

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