RecoFace SDK , Customized Solution for Multi-industry

RecoFace Face recognition SDK is the world-class algorithms developed by Reconova, no matter in recognition accuracy or in speed. It contains three main functions that are face detection, tracking and recognition.

RecoFace collects advanced machine learning algorithms involving AdaBoost, artificial neural network, distance metric learning, etc. So far, under the unconstrained conditions of varying head orientations and angles, RecoFace attains the best achievement by adopting a large-scale face databases.

We particularly provide RecoFace recognition SDK based on Windows、Linux and Android system. It is very convenient for customers to integrate the face recognition algorithms with current systems.


RecoFace face recognition SDK provides face registration, face comparison and Face deletion interfaces. Face recognition supports the technology that acquires the face information from appointed video or pictures and real-time face information from various video devices, such as monitoring camera, USB camera and video collecting card. The core of algorithm can be automatically adaptable for optical imaging and infrared imaging. It is not necessary for the users to concern about the differences of database scale. RecoFace face recognition SDK supports various scales of Face database from thousands of small face database to millions of large-scale database.

  • Innovative gender and age recognition
    Gender recognition accuracy is over 95% Age recognition tolerance is within 6 years old.
  • High tolerance
    Correction functions of face orientations. Face recognition cannot be affected by the face within 25 degree head pose changes. Face recognition is slightly affected by the light changes. The algorithm is well adaptable for face changes involving with face motions, beard, glasses, hair style and age. Recognition accuracy is robust.
  • Excellent recognition ability
    Recognition of hundred thousands of face database procedure takes less than 200ms under X86 system. The computational efficiency of Reconova face recognition detection is about 300% as the Google software API on TI OMAP 4430 ARM CPU.
  • Low storage
    One face feature takes less than 2KB storage in the database. Hundred thousands of face only need less than 200M storage.


RecoFace face recognition SDK can be applied to various electronic products, such as smart TV, cell phone, PC, laptop, tablet computer and advertising machine. It supports the applications of identity verification, age and gender analysis.

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